Falls in the bathroom due to slippery surface can lead to serious injuries. The slip in the bathroom can occur to anyone, but primarily the elders above the age of 65 years as well as the people with disabilities are more prone to such accidents. There are different styles or types of shower chairs available in the market and you can buy the one as per your needs and requirements. The kinds of shower chair that are available to you include:

Shower Stools

This is the most cost-effective approach to keep your bathroom safe for the ones you love. Whether for the disabled or the elders, the shower stools can be good for anyone. These kinds of shower chair can provide stability in the wet areas. It can be good and convenient for the caregivers. The shower stools allow easy transport of seniors or disabled in and out of the showers. They are made either of aluminum or plastic. They can be good and cheap options for lightweight maneuverability.

Shower Benches

The next kinds of shower chairs are shower benches. They can be easily bought from the medical store. There can be portable options in this kind of shower chair. They have larger area for sitting and have back rest assistance too. These are absolutely perfect for people who have larger size. A lot of shower benches are made up of materials that are water-resistant. They also have suction cups which avoid slipping. These can also be adjusted according to the height.

Customer Shower Chair

This is a bit different kind of shower chair because it can be customized by adopting the best features from all the kinds. They can come in varied sizes and can have water-resistance material, suction cups, back rest as well as many more features. Some of these models are also made on special orders. Some of this kind of shower chair also have swivel seat which enables people to more freely and enjoy bathing. They can prevent slipping of people easily.

Mounted/ Portable Shower Chair

The last kind of shower chair is the mounted one. They can be used permanently. As the name suggests, this kind of shower chair is installed or mounted permanently in some area of the bathroom. They can provide an absolutely stable area for anyone, leave alone elders or disabled. There are also the portable shower chairs that can be easily used even while travelling.